woensdag 4 januari 2017

Hawaii: Week 24-25

Here I am again! transfer calls happened.... tumtumtum.. Both sister Maghanoy and I are staying in Honoka'a. She is my first companion that I will serve longer than 6 weeks with, woow. What to do?I guess we'll keep doing our best! it's going very well here and we are making lots of progress.

It really is a lot of fun to teach families. Each member has its own questions and you can see the blessings the gospel is able to provide for them in this life and the life to come. This reminds me every time how blessed I am with my family as well.

It is also a special experience again and again how quickly people are willing to share very personal stories with us, young strangers. We get to hear a lot of stories where people went through hardships and trials, and they go through it a different ways. Some still mourn for their loved ones who passed away, while we also met an old lady who sees the positive in every situation. She is for example now able to cook and sleep whenever she wants because her husband passed away. That's also a way to look at it xD

This transfer we had zone conference! all the missionaries of the island gathered because we only have 2 zones here anyway. Mission president Bekker and sister Bekker, and Elder Curtis and sister Curtis were present as well to give us inspiring instructions. Now, it took me a long time to realize that "For unto us a child is born" by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir is only one verse in the Bible (Isaiah 9:6).... Learning something new everyday ;)  

This period we also got to enjoy a little of the island again. A lovely member took us for example to Kona (we went to a museum about Hawaiian history and nearby was a city of refuge (where in a certain way the principle of repentance was applied)) and to ancient fishponds. Very beautiful. We also drove past an ancient building where people used to be sacrificed.... :O Sister Maghanoy and I also went halfway to Waipio Valley but had to turn back halfway due to lack of time. Now the way up sure was steep and exhausting. Stolzekleiven in Bergen suddenly is an easy climb (I might exaggerate a little, but you get the point :) ).

City of Refuge in Kona

​Area with ancient fishponds. There were some eels as well and they sure aren't the prettiest fish I've seen

Now lets close this message with the holidays! First, happy birthday to me and my brother of course. second, merry Christmas (mele kalikimaka)! the houses were very beautifully decorated. there was lots of food (I need two airplane seats when I get back home), and the members gave us lots of Christmas presents. That was very sweet and thoughtful. They truly feel like family already. We also had a nice Christmas service in church where we were able to think of the birth of Christ and his atoning sacrifice. there was narration and music done by the members and we were able to listen and enjoy. Lastly, happy new year! With new opportunities coming our way, let's do our best this new year!

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