woensdag 28 juni 2017

Busy transfer

What a transfer! Due to circumstances I got to serve with sister Karitea (Kiribati) and sister Lybbert (Orem, Utah) as well in this transfer! We had the privilege to go to the temple because it was the last week for sister Karitea before she finishes her mission and goes home. There is no temple in Kiribati so we had special permission from President to go. As always it was very beautiful and peaceful and enlightening! It really makes me realize how grateful I need to be to have a temple in the Netherlands. It always seemed to be a long trip, but it all falls into perspective now.

I miss my awesome father, but it's a good thing how our Heavenly Father can always be reached at any time! I really like a talk of someone in church past sunday:
the F is for friend
the A is for ally (I forgot this one, I think it was ally...)
the T is for teacher
the H is for hero
the E is for example
the R is for rock
Yup, fathers have the potential to be awesome. 

Also I keep being suprised by all the random licenseplates in Hawaii:
BAK UP (This was quite amusing because we were stuck in traffic and this car was in front of us. We get the hint...)
PURPL (And it was a yellow car.....)
and much more. This makes driving a lot of fun. People can be very creative.

Other awesome news:

The seeker of truth was baptized!! It was so awesome. She is a 59 year old lady and sprinted to the baptismal font. We could barely keep up with her. She was so happy and so were we. This is the best part of a mission :)

And of course,.... Pearl Harbor time! This time we got to fax supersecret files (not really, but it sounds more exciting this way) and organize them. We were in a little nice room with AC. nothing to complain about!

Update on transfers: Sister Lybbert and I will be staying together and we will be covering both Makaha ward and Waianae ward. Good thing we had a warming up already!