dinsdag 22 augustus 2017


It was time to go to the Tabernacle in Honolulu for transfermeeting. I met sister Maghanoy, who is going home. I also met sister Modolon who is going home next transfer. Time sure flies, again... My new companion will be sister Chandler. She is Hawaiian! Local Power! Just like Amulek in Ammonihah (Alma 10). That must mean I am Alma ^_^ I look forward to work with her!

So here we are, in the Ewa Beach 1st area. It's always very sunny and hot. We are both new to the area, so obviously we were getting lost so once in a while. But it's all good now! It's really fun to discover a new area together. We get to know the members very well and we try to talk to as many people as possible because we don't know anyone yet.

In the 3 weeks that we are together we have had experienced a lot of things already:
- An inactive member for YEARS walks up to us to ask if we can visit him and his family.
- I played pickleball.. Who knew it existed? I didn't... It's fun.
- A lot of people who were genuinely interested in the gospel were placed on our path. One wanted to change and do better, another one wanted more peace and comfort, and others wanted guidance for their family. they all recognized that the gospel of Jesus christ can help them with that. How amazing is that?
- we're getting super tanned.
- The Book of Mormon is awesome and true. With that knowledge, everything else falls into place.

Also, Jurassic Park and World are filmed over here... And I can testify to you that dinosaurs are still on this island. We have to battle these ferocious creatures everyday!

Lastly, A little moment for all the amazing opportunities that I had to think about my wonderful flat country (sometimes on the picture it looks like Luxemburg, but in real life it's dark blue!)