zondag 29 oktober 2017

Transfer news

Transfer news...! My 'daughter' is spreading her wings and is transferred to Wahiawa. Nice 'n cool. I'll be staying in the lovely desert with my new companion sister Pluim. She has been serving her whole mission at the visitors center up in Laie and yes... She is half Dutch! She can't speak dutch though, so I know what is to be expected of me. She even brought a chocoladeletter that her mother send to her. She sure knows how to make me her friend!

We continued doing the awesome work that we did in the previous transfer.  I really want to mention the power of prayer. Let me tell you why. Instead of putting the emphasis on praying that we may be led to the people whom the Lord has prepared, we asked Him to lead those people to us instead. Guess what... It really happened! People literally walked up to us to ask if they could learn more. 

Also, we finished reading the Book of Mormon as a mission. Yeey! While reading, I also decided to mark a lot. With yellow I marked every reference to Christ. But then I figured that I didn't want to leave Heavenly Father and the holy ghost out because they're a team! I put my yellow pencil to my orange one that I didn't use for marking. It really gives you a visual on how much the Book of Mormon testifies of Christ, Heavenly Father, and the Holy ghost. Mainly Christ though.. :)

Speaking about the Book of Mormon... I love how it works so well together with the Bible and how it clarifies many things:
Fulfill all righteousness > Matthew 3:14-15 - 2 Nephi 31:5-9
Be as a child > Matthew 18:1-5 - Mosiah 3:19
Prophets > Amos 3:7 - Jacob 4:4-6
And much more. My favorite (found by some creative elders): Ruth 4:8 - Ether 14:23

Thank you Book of Mormon. you're awesome.

Ok. that was it. Until next time.

zaterdag 21 oktober 2017

Time for stories

Alrighty, time for some stories!

It was awesome to serve with sister Chandler. She sure can work! When we whitewashed the area it was pretty tough, A lot of people that were being taught didn't want to meet with us anymore. therefore we spent a lot of time on the streets. We met more bloodthirsty dogs than humans, but everyday we had a tender mercy. Step by step we managed to expand our teaching-pool. Also, you really know when you're serving with a Hawaiian when the first thing that's being said when we come across a plumeria tree: 'those flowers will make some beautiful leis'. she literally collects flowers anywhere and can make a lei with any kind of flower. I am such a proud mom for having such a talented daughter (when a missionary trains someone, the missionary is referred to as mom or dad, and the trainees are daughter or son). 

Also, we have some pretty creative elders in our area who can make reading the scriptures a lot of fun. For example: Who was the First Avenger? 1 Thessalonians 4:6 :)

Funfact: Chickenskin is actually an existing word here in Hawaii. Who needs goosebumps when you can have chickenskin? :)

and of course, the most important story of the day: Some members of our ward went online and bought me something Dutch! Muntendrop. Yum. I am trying to share these delicious treats with others but no one seems to really like them. It's all good... They're just rejecting my culture. No big deal... BUT, the more muntendrop  for me :)

Story time to be continued.

vrijdag 13 oktober 2017

Short update

Hi everyone,

Time flies and I don't have a lot of time to write.

So here is a picture of a tortoise and a dog. Because why not?

and a scary haunted house

Other than that life is going well. I am still in Ewa Beach and very busy with a lot of things.

dinsdag 22 augustus 2017


It was time to go to the Tabernacle in Honolulu for transfermeeting. I met sister Maghanoy, who is going home. I also met sister Modolon who is going home next transfer. Time sure flies, again... My new companion will be sister Chandler. She is Hawaiian! Local Power! Just like Amulek in Ammonihah (Alma 10). That must mean I am Alma ^_^ I look forward to work with her!

So here we are, in the Ewa Beach 1st area. It's always very sunny and hot. We are both new to the area, so obviously we were getting lost so once in a while. But it's all good now! It's really fun to discover a new area together. We get to know the members very well and we try to talk to as many people as possible because we don't know anyone yet.

In the 3 weeks that we are together we have had experienced a lot of things already:
- An inactive member for YEARS walks up to us to ask if we can visit him and his family.
- I played pickleball.. Who knew it existed? I didn't... It's fun.
- A lot of people who were genuinely interested in the gospel were placed on our path. One wanted to change and do better, another one wanted more peace and comfort, and others wanted guidance for their family. they all recognized that the gospel of Jesus christ can help them with that. How amazing is that?
- we're getting super tanned.
- The Book of Mormon is awesome and true. With that knowledge, everything else falls into place.

Also, Jurassic Park and World are filmed over here... And I can testify to you that dinosaurs are still on this island. We have to battle these ferocious creatures everyday!

Lastly, A little moment for all the amazing opportunities that I had to think about my wonderful flat country (sometimes on the picture it looks like Luxemburg, but in real life it's dark blue!)

maandag 24 juli 2017



Time sure flies. The transfer is almost over already. 
This time the importance of the Book of Mormon really stood out to me again. I mentioned eralier that I really can see people's life change when they read it. It is the keystone of our religion and when you come to find out the Book of Mormon is true, everything else falls into place. 
This goes very well together with President Thomas S. Monsons talk last General Conference (https://www.lds.org/general-conference/2017/04/the-power-of-the-book-of-mormon?lang=eng) where he puts emphasis of gaining a testimony about the Book of Mormon. Last stake conference (a big meeting where a lot of congregations from the area come together) the members got a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days. Recently we got the same challenge from our Mission President. Challenge accepted!

I remember one time when I was in Belgium on a mission how I described how I almost died (not really, but just to be dramatic) due to the heat. Well, I am in humid Hawaii, in the summer, on the dry side of the island, it's essentially a desert here.... My tolerance for the heat has most certainly grown. But I am still almost dying. It's all worth it though :)

Some amazing things happened:
People randomly step into the chapel on Sunday and ask if they can know more about the church (of course!);
Someone who recently got baptized got her patriarchal blessing;
Another one got her temple recommend!
And maaaaaany things more!

Some other notes:
1) Some people might think Hawaii is paradise on earth... Let me give you one good reason why Hawaii doesn't live up to that reputation. Let me introduce you to... This!

​These little pokey thingies (Kuku or something) are a nightmare. I thought stepping on lego was bad... This is 100000000 times worse. One little pricky thing in your foot and you're knockout (not really, but it hurts).
2) You know you're too far gone when you are writing in your journal and try to think of the word flashlight in Dutch. I failed... Zaklicht? I needed a dictionary... shame on me.

woensdag 28 juni 2017

Busy transfer

What a transfer! Due to circumstances I got to serve with sister Karitea (Kiribati) and sister Lybbert (Orem, Utah) as well in this transfer! We had the privilege to go to the temple because it was the last week for sister Karitea before she finishes her mission and goes home. There is no temple in Kiribati so we had special permission from President to go. As always it was very beautiful and peaceful and enlightening! It really makes me realize how grateful I need to be to have a temple in the Netherlands. It always seemed to be a long trip, but it all falls into perspective now.

I miss my awesome father, but it's a good thing how our Heavenly Father can always be reached at any time! I really like a talk of someone in church past sunday:
the F is for friend
the A is for ally (I forgot this one, I think it was ally...)
the T is for teacher
the H is for hero
the E is for example
the R is for rock
Yup, fathers have the potential to be awesome. 

Also I keep being suprised by all the random licenseplates in Hawaii:
BAK UP (This was quite amusing because we were stuck in traffic and this car was in front of us. We get the hint...)
PURPL (And it was a yellow car.....)
and much more. This makes driving a lot of fun. People can be very creative.

Other awesome news:

The seeker of truth was baptized!! It was so awesome. She is a 59 year old lady and sprinted to the baptismal font. We could barely keep up with her. She was so happy and so were we. This is the best part of a mission :)

And of course,.... Pearl Harbor time! This time we got to fax supersecret files (not really, but it sounds more exciting this way) and organize them. We were in a little nice room with AC. nothing to complain about!

Update on transfers: Sister Lybbert and I will be staying together and we will be covering both Makaha ward and Waianae ward. Good thing we had a warming up already!

zaterdag 27 mei 2017

Another month passed

This one day I was going to the store (on pday of course) and decided to buy a basketball. I figured I should practice my non-existent basketball skills (still throwing the ball korfball-style) in the United States, because it's pretty popular over here. I go to the store and buy this awesome basketball of the Wilson brand (I might re-enact the same friendship with this basketball as Tom Hanks did with the volleybal). Guess what... Transfercalls happened and my new companion is going to be Sister... Wilson! Personal revelation right there! I am excited to serve with her because we already knew each other from the Big Island. I am going to miss my sweet little Brazilian companion as well though.

I finally found out what Xing on the road means.... (X represents cross in case you were wondering)

I love how one of our investigators went to church and she was introduced as investigator. She didn't like the term. She said: what am I investigating? A crime? 
Good point...
We will refer her now as a 'seeker of truth'

This transfer I really want to testify about the elect. The people that the Lord has prepared to receive the gospel.
D&C 29:7 talks about the elect and D&C 33:6 goes into more detail who they are.
We really found one of the elect people and it brings one of the most beautiful feelings a missionary can have. 
No matter what we teach or talk about, that person already knows or recognizes that the teachings make sense. All we need to do is to bring it to that person's remembrance and we get to experience to the joy and change that the person is going through.
The gospel is awesome, being a missionary is awesome. I can highly recommend it ;-)

I would like to share with you some awesome jokes that I heard from my companion and another member of the Church that must get you giggle at least a liiiiiiitle bit

Did you know the oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve?

It's an apple.

It had limited memory

One bite and everything crashed

What's the number for the Garden of Eden?

1800-ADAM-812 (read out loud)

Lastly I want to give you a challenge: Who is this Pokemon?