maandag 19 september 2016

Week 10 + 11 Ghent

Update by sister Brandenburg. Unfortunately she did not send any pictures this time...

Yes I am still alive. Sister Mercer and I bravely continued our sacred quest through the burning sun. While riding in flaming buses, and walking through empty streets chasing the shadows, we conquered many doorbells... and hearts :-)

We met a lot of amazing people again. We saw the life of an older woman change for the better just by praying and reading in the Book of Mormon. We also met a man who met previous missionaries 4 years ago, and would love to talk with us again about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Many more small miracles happened. Life is good...

We also did some cool trips! First we went to The Hague for some mission related issues. Oh beautiful Netherlands, how I have missed you. Sister Mercer needed to eat herring. It is a tradition that all missionaries of the Belgium/Netherlands mission have to go through. I hope they don´t find out I have never eaten it.. (yes I am Dutch... that´s why they assume I did eat it... ;-) ). We also went to Lokeren on a sister exchange. I served a day with sister Lucero, and Mercer served with sister Berret. A nice event was the baptism of a young girl in Sint-Niklaas (my father served there).

What makes Belgium different so far....? I saw a rooster climb (flyjump) a tree and walk around in it. That was an unusual sight. Also, we get to experience great joy when a bus arrives on time.
I can proudly say that my Flemish vocabulary is improving as well: allee, saluutjes, ijskast/frigo confiture and much more! I even start to say ´u` or ´gij` to younger children...what?  

maandag 5 september 2016

Week 8 + 9 ....Ghent!‏

Sister Brandenburg has moved to Ghent. Below you will find another update by her...
If you want to send a written letter to sister Brandenburg so that she has more time to read it, or if you want to send pictures or some sweets, you can mail to:

sister Brandenburg
Schuttersveld 2
2316 ZA Leiden

21st of August....the moment has arrived... Transfer calls! Every six weeks (I kind of jumped in in the middle of a transfer) we get transfer calls and it is the most exciting and nervewrecking period! You get to hear if you keep serving in your current area or if you leave. Lechtenberg stays, Nyakoh is going to Groningen (where a lot of family of mine lives) and I will go to sister Nyakoh's home branch Ghent! My father also served in Belgium, following his footsteps, yeah!  I already start to talk weird, different words, different sentence structures... I bet when I am home me and my dad can speak Vlaams to each other. Our secret language. Therefore, although I am not honoring my blogspot's name yet.... I am very happy!
In Belgium it sure needs a different approach  to come in contact with people, but that is what makes it exciting. Sister Mercer is my new companion and she is a lot of fun (and a hard worker). The Ghent area is pretty big so we travel a lot as well.

Sister Brandenburg wearing a different nametag?!

Now before I mention something really cool, I'd like to share something spiritual as well. I really came to realize what a privilege it is to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We met so many people who shared very personal stories with us, wherein the gospel can really help them through their lives. It sure is amazing to see their joy when they realize it. It just makes me so calm and positive in my live to know that we always have someone we can trust and lean on, and also guide us throughout our lives because we are here with a purpose (talking about Christ if someone missed the reference :P).
And I want to close this weeks story by saying that I drove in a Tesla!!!! (sitting in the back, but still...). It was awesome. It barely makes any noise (perfect if you're trying to sneak away) and it feels like you're hoovering on the road, and driving with no hands.... sci-fi coming true right there! Yup...