woensdag 12 oktober 2016


October 11, 2016
Sister Brandenburg has arrived in Hawaii!

Mail should be sent to:
Missionary Name (First, Middle Initial, and Last)
Hawaii Honolulu Mission
1500 S. Beretania Street, Suite 416
Honolulu, HI 96826

Please be aware that first class and priority mail can be forwarded from the mission office to missionaries without cost. Other services (FedEx, UPS, DHL) do charge to forward mail, which we collect from the missionary.

Sister Brandenburg

Sister Brandenburg with other European sisters

Incoming group of missionaries

maandag 3 oktober 2016

Week 12 + 13 Ghent

Allrighty, new update

We went to Amsterdam again (long time no see). Not for fun, nono, we went there for important matters. I needed to go to the US consulate in order to get my visa approved. I had completed all the documents and online applications beforehand, and the moment had finally arrived to go to the consulate. To make your application complete, I had to take an official visa photo for the interview wherein you have to look neutral/serious, it almost looks like a mug shot. Good thing I have no dark past otherwise I might be in trouble! Everything went well, but me and my companion had to make a tough decision and be separated for over half an hour! We barely managed but we both knew it was for the greater good. My visa got approved and serving my mission in Hawaii is getting more realistic now. 

General Conference (www.lds.org)... How awesome is General Conference? It is more grand than the Superbowl, the FIFA world cup, the Olympics! Some might disagree with me, but that's ok :-) In General Conference the General Authorities of the Church (such as the Prophet and the Apostles) speak to us all. They do not discuss the topics or their plans with each other beforehand, it is all inspired and lead by the Spirit. We noticed that. Just like the scriptures it is always good to read (and in this case listen) with questions or concerns in mind: what bothers you? what are you curious about? how can you improve on certain areas? etc. You will get your answer(s) because it is inspired and Heavenly Father knows your struggles. You can receive personal revelation if you are willing to listen and receive. Mercer and I did that and within the first session already our questions were answered. I can most certainly recommend everyone to do the same (in case you weren't doing it already).

Saturday October 1st was an exciting day... Transfer calls! We kind of were worried because we were exciting all day long and then we were told that the transfer calls might be on Monday after the Conference. Therefore, you will probably understand our excitement when we were called in the evening just when we arrived home! Sister Mercer is going to serve in Den Haag and I will go to Zoetermeer and join two other sisters until I leave to Hawaii. Zoetermeer is awesome because the temple is there. Looking forward to it! First we need to write down all the information about Ghent and bestow our wisdom and knowledge about the area upon the new sisters who will arrive here. It is interesting because I have mixed feelings. I enjoyed serving with sister Mercer and I really loved it in Ghent. The members and investigators are awesome and the area is beautiful. But then again, a new area with new opportunities and people also sounds very good. I am excited! Before we had to go, Mercer and I had to do at least one awesome pancake cook-off. She made American ones and I made the normal ones ;-) It was a tough decision as we both like our own pancakes and the elders just ate them both, so we decided it to be a draw. They were both equally delicious.

Photo: Sister Mercer (my longest companion so far) and me

I would love to close with a legendary missionary story which came to my attention through sister Mercer. I might not tell it completely the way it went, but it is still funny!
A long time ago some missionaries are in a foreign country and don't understand the language completely yet. They contact people on the street and want to back up their message with a scripture text. 1 Nephi 3:7. Beautiful message! however, they had to trust their memories on where the scripture text is. They pull out the scriptures and read 3 Nephi 3:7. They had no clue what they were reading (due to the lack of understanding the language), and testified of the message (thinking it was 1 Nephi 3:7). You can imagine the confusion of the people receiving the message and why they slowly walked away.. :'-)