zaterdag 2 december 2017



Here I am again.

So many challenges are going on. Sister Pluim and I are just so excited to study the scriptures.
We are reading the Doctrine and Covenants before we go home.
We are doing President Nelson's challenge where we are reading all the scriptural references in the topical guide about Jesus Christ.
Starting December 1st, the mission is going to read Jesus the Christ by Talmage together in 150 days.
Yup, plenty of things to read. Bring it on. Challenge accepted.

Also, Thanksgiving happened! Sister Pluim and I have been sharing a really sweet video during our dinner appointments ( ). So many things to be thankful for. Let us develop this attitude of gratitude as President Monson so very well stated.
A while ago in Honoka'a I saw a really nice sign in a restaurant and finally thought to share it now:
Thank you Lord for the Food
Before us
The Friends and Family
Beside us
And the Love
Between us
This will probably be the last year that I will celebrate it. There sure wasn't a shortage of food. The members were so kind as to invite us. In total we had 2,5 meals (one was only a desert). You know you're in Hawaii for a long time when you will be able to accomplish that.... Good times :)

This transfer we went to Pearl Harbor again. In remembrance of Veteran's day, we put a loooooooong flag at the side of the railing of the ship. Of course it broke my heart to see that we had to put the flag upside down.....
Inline image 1

I also just want to state that I start to get very suspicious towards my strawberry jam. I bought it 16 weeks ago and it's still good to eat....