zaterdag 27 mei 2017

Another month passed

This one day I was going to the store (on pday of course) and decided to buy a basketball. I figured I should practice my non-existent basketball skills (still throwing the ball korfball-style) in the United States, because it's pretty popular over here. I go to the store and buy this awesome basketball of the Wilson brand (I might re-enact the same friendship with this basketball as Tom Hanks did with the volleybal). Guess what... Transfercalls happened and my new companion is going to be Sister... Wilson! Personal revelation right there! I am excited to serve with her because we already knew each other from the Big Island. I am going to miss my sweet little Brazilian companion as well though.

I finally found out what Xing on the road means.... (X represents cross in case you were wondering)

I love how one of our investigators went to church and she was introduced as investigator. She didn't like the term. She said: what am I investigating? A crime? 
Good point...
We will refer her now as a 'seeker of truth'

This transfer I really want to testify about the elect. The people that the Lord has prepared to receive the gospel.
D&C 29:7 talks about the elect and D&C 33:6 goes into more detail who they are.
We really found one of the elect people and it brings one of the most beautiful feelings a missionary can have. 
No matter what we teach or talk about, that person already knows or recognizes that the teachings make sense. All we need to do is to bring it to that person's remembrance and we get to experience to the joy and change that the person is going through.
The gospel is awesome, being a missionary is awesome. I can highly recommend it ;-)

I would like to share with you some awesome jokes that I heard from my companion and another member of the Church that must get you giggle at least a liiiiiiitle bit

Did you know the oldest computer can be traced back to Adam and Eve?

It's an apple.

It had limited memory

One bite and everything crashed

What's the number for the Garden of Eden?

1800-ADAM-812 (read out loud)

Lastly I want to give you a challenge: Who is this Pokemon?