maandag 24 juli 2017



Time sure flies. The transfer is almost over already. 
This time the importance of the Book of Mormon really stood out to me again. I mentioned eralier that I really can see people's life change when they read it. It is the keystone of our religion and when you come to find out the Book of Mormon is true, everything else falls into place. 
This goes very well together with President Thomas S. Monsons talk last General Conference ( where he puts emphasis of gaining a testimony about the Book of Mormon. Last stake conference (a big meeting where a lot of congregations from the area come together) the members got a challenge to read the Book of Mormon in 100 days. Recently we got the same challenge from our Mission President. Challenge accepted!

I remember one time when I was in Belgium on a mission how I described how I almost died (not really, but just to be dramatic) due to the heat. Well, I am in humid Hawaii, in the summer, on the dry side of the island, it's essentially a desert here.... My tolerance for the heat has most certainly grown. But I am still almost dying. It's all worth it though :)

Some amazing things happened:
People randomly step into the chapel on Sunday and ask if they can know more about the church (of course!);
Someone who recently got baptized got her patriarchal blessing;
Another one got her temple recommend!
And maaaaaany things more!

Some other notes:
1) Some people might think Hawaii is paradise on earth... Let me give you one good reason why Hawaii doesn't live up to that reputation. Let me introduce you to... This!

​These little pokey thingies (Kuku or something) are a nightmare. I thought stepping on lego was bad... This is 100000000 times worse. One little pricky thing in your foot and you're knockout (not really, but it hurts).
2) You know you're too far gone when you are writing in your journal and try to think of the word flashlight in Dutch. I failed... Zaklicht? I needed a dictionary... shame on me.