donderdag 9 februari 2017

Week 26-29

Hello again! Yep I am still here. My updates are getting less regular. Sorry!

What to add to the things I've already said....?

A lot happened this transfer, so be ready!

First of all, we had a lot of meetings and training!

1) Zonemeeting: the whole zone is coming together and receives training from the zoneleaders. It is always good to be reminded of what we have to do as missionaries in order to help the people around us come closer unto Christ. We ourselves need to experience how to repent first in order to teach it to others for example. We also got to be introduced to the new missionary schedule. exciting!

2) Zoneconference: this time four zones come together. We were lucky because it was in Waimea so we didn't have to drive very far. Faith, your own conversion, and how obeying the commandments will improve us as missionaries and the people around us. Much more happened but I'll give you a brief summary ;) It is so much more awesome if you're present.

3) Stakeconference: where all the wards and branches from one stake (Kona stake for the win) come together. It was really nice on how members can help in the missionary work, how the temple truly blesses your life and how you can stay strong in the gospel.
One of the points to stay strong in the gospel is to be present with your family. I was thinking about that. We had a good testimony meeting last Sunday about families. As a missionary we don't get to be with our own families, so at first it seemed a little bit tough. But then you really realize that we as missionaries get to be part of many families on our mission. We meet members and investigators who share their times of trial but also their times of joy with us. In turn they get to experience ours. They really feel like family and I am grateful to be on my mission and to meet them. And even though Hawaii is pretty much the other side of the world, families are still the same. I am grateful to Heavenly Father to give us families and I am grateful for the gospel to provide us with a way and with guidance to be most successful as a family. I am also grateful for the temple to strengthen us as a family and be sealed for eternity. So much to be grateful for! Speaking about temples...

4) Templeconference: the whole zone goes to the temple together. Again we were lucky enough to do family sealing and also endowments. 

What else happened...? I went on an exchange with sister Blackner. I got to learn a lot from her, even though it was only one day. This is cool because we are kind of sisters. If a missionary trains you, she is called your mother. Technically I have 4 mothers (Nyakoh, Mercer, Stewart-Chester and Barber). They all were my trainers before I finished my 12 weeks of training. Sister Blackner was trained by Barber. So technically we are 1/4 sisters? I can't wait to meet my 1/4th niece. (Blackner also trained a missionary) or my other 1/4th sister (Barber also trained someone else) This is kind of confusing... On to the next point!

P-day experience: Waipio valley! this time we hiked aaaaaaallll the way down. It was superslippery in the morning, but we survived. It kind of looks like Jurassic Park, but luckily no dinosaurs attacked us. All good. And yes, I am wearing my Dutch soccer shirt! But unfortunately people still ask where I am from.. :( That's ok..

Again I got to meet a lot of new amazing people.

Aaaaaaand... This super sweet young lady got baptized!!! It was such an awesome experience to see her walk in the baptismal fond and her boyfriend baptizing her. She was really prepared by the Lord. All sister Maghanoy and I had to do was to teach her and bring things to her remembrance :) Did I already tell you she is super sweet?

And lastly a missionary lesson: It is not wise to go knocking doors while the Superbowl is on. Suddenly the super kind and friendly Hawaiians become more private. More Dutch.... Do not disturb :O