dinsdag 28 maart 2017

Still alive!

That sure was a long time ago! I am sorry. I'll try to be more consistent. A lot has happened, so let me give you an update.

I had to leave my dear Honoka'a to go to Waianae on Oahu. I will probably die of the heat, but that's ok. I will leave all my possessions to my parents, except my cats, They will go to my younger brother. All joking aside, it's really amazing here, and so is my new Brazilian companion sister Modolon. She is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and literally talks to everyone. We probably know about everyone in Waianae now. The people are kind, the members are awesome and hardworking, and we have lots of opportunities to share the gospel with people. What else can we wish for?

We saw so many miracles happen this transfer: 
We step on people's doorstep right when they needed us;
we found a guy during our morning run, that we often met in town, and he's interested in learning more about the gospel;
A bedridden member is preparing to go to the temple, and the joy we see in her eyes because of it is priceless;
Someone we never met called us to ask if she could come to church (.. of course you can!);
I had finally the opportunity to serve with sister Topp for a day. Our brothers served together in the Scotland-Ireland mission and the younger sisters serve together in the Hawaii Honolulu mission;
Again we get to see how the gospel changes the live of many people;
And muuuuuuuuuuuch more.

In this transfer I was remembered again on how amazing and important priesthood blessings are. I witnessed both a blessing to administer to the sick and a blessing of comfort. In both cases it brought such a peaceful and calm atmosphere in the room and in the respective person. It really make me grateful for my father, brothers, and friends who are able to do that.

We also had a service project with the zone in Pearl Harbor. It was a great experience. I was part of the cleaning crew and got the see a lot from the ship on the inside.

Picture: Pearl harbor

Some other things to tell:
Lesson #2: Don't go tracting during some fancy UFC game either
I have reached the point where the abbreviation WoW is not World of Warcraft anymore but the Word of Wisdom

We had to defy many ferocious creatures and had some fluffy plufpuffs barking at us
Picture: fluffy dog
Picture: small dog
Advantage of Hawaii: having the most beautiful areas to study if you don't have time to go back to the apartment

Picture: beautiful Hawaii

And last weekend we got to hear that sister Modolon and I have another opportunity to serve together for 6 additional weeks. Looking forward to it!

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